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The daycare your child and you both loves

Today’s child can change tomorrow’s world. 
We believe in collaborating with parents, staff, management and community members in developing and continuously improving an evidence-based model of Early Childhood Education to provide an excellent childhood learning experience.

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It all began over a conversation in a local coffee house in Richmond BC.  We were having a conversation about the little things that make our days accomplished, realizing we have different values to fulfil each of our lives,  yet how beautiful it is to appreciate the unique successfulness of our own. It came down to one questions, “What makes us feel victorious?” A simple question led to one of the most animated conversations one could have among friends. Although there was no simple answer to this question and no consensus was reached on the answer either, we all realized we held one common belief……that the early stages of childhood development plays a critical role in the potential for advancement later in life.
So powerful was this belief in all of us that each of us acknowledged that if we were given a chance to change something in our lives it would be something in our early childhood.
The team behind St. Dulwich comprises a group of young professionals living in the Greater Vancouver, British Columbia. Some of us have early education background, some are entrepreneurs, and some are homemakers. Most of us are young parents or soon to be  young parents. Regardless of our diverse backgrounds, we found common ground in our singular belief of providing a premier early learning environment.
We have deliberately chosen to restrain information about each of us on this site. It is simply based on the fact that this place is really not about us. This is about a collusive learning environment involving yourselves – the parents, the development staff / caregivers and all the children.

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Unique and Valuable

To provide a balanced educational and social experience to children by motivated teachers, creating peace of mind for parents, and embodying the spirit of giving back to the local and global community.
St.Dulwich inspires open collaboration to create a student-centered, inquiry-based learning environment that cultivates enthusiastic and globally-minded individuals.
High-quality early childhood education benefits children. Children who experience a quality program are more likely to have greater academic success, enhanced self-esteem, and increased self-control. St.Dulwich strives to align programming and curriculum to build both spheres of the brain by using the Reggio philosophy, Montessori, and Provincial guidelines.
St.Dulwich strongly believes in keeping up with the latest research in early childhood development. This aspiration is captured in our ability to maintain highly educated teachers and adhere to a quality atmosphere.

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    7960 River Rd
    Contact for your personal time slot
    7960 River Rd, 7960 River Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 1X7, Canada
    Contact for your personal time slot
    7960 River Rd, 7960 River Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 1X7, Canada
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