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Innovative & Responsible

To provide a balanced educational and social experience to children by motivated teachers, creating peace of mind for parents, and embodying the spirit of giving back to the local and global community.
St.Dulwich inspires open collaboration to create a student-centered, inquiry-based learning environment that cultivates enthusiastic and globally-minded individuals.
High-quality early childhood education benefits children. Children who experience a quality program are more likely to have greater academic success, enhanced self-esteem, and increased self-control. St.Dulwich strives to align programming and curriculum to build both spheres of the brain by using the Reggio philosophy, Montessori, and Provincial guidelines.
St.Dulwich strongly believes in keeping up with the latest research in early childhood development. This aspiration is captured in our ability to maintain highly educated teachers and adhere to a quality atmosphere.

Babies in Playroom
Our Vision: Our Mission
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